Renting Without a Credit Card

5 Tips for Renting a Car Without a Credit Card

There are not many car rental companies out there who will rent out their cars to customers without a credit card, so when you do find a company that does, here are some useful tips on what to expect when renting a car.

  1. Make sure your debit card is ready to be charged. You’ll need enough money in the account to pay for the rental, as well as any security deposit required.
  2. Know your “holds” and “blocks”. You should expect a $200 to $500 temporary authorization, known as a “hold” or “block”, that will be placed on the account that is linked to your debit card. This deposit will be in addition to the cost of the rental car.
  3. Check your debit card’s acceptance. Not every rental car agency accepts every card, so find out ahead of time if they accept yours.
  4. Proof of identity. The name that appears on the debit card must match the name on your driver’s license, and other ID that you have.
  5. Cash works too. You can use cash to rent a car, but you will most likely have to pay for the entire price of the rental, plus the security deposit at the time you pick up the vehicle.

With all of that in mind you should have no problem renting a car without a credit card. At Westchester Car Rentals, our rental rates and security deposits are lower than most other companies who rent without a credit card, and we do not require a credit check, proof of address, or paystubs!

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